DONG STICK CLASS - with Qi Gong Teacher, Drew Sinclair
Time is TBD | South Acton Recreation Ground.

DONG STICK CLASS - with Qi Gong Teacher, Drew Sinclair

Dong Sticks is a body-mind practice from Tai Chi. The 16 Mindful Motions are supported by a bamboo cane to promote agility, joint strength, reduced stress, increased mental clarity and stability. Register in advance and we will inform you when we have sufficient numbers. Bamboo supplied.

Time & Location

Time is TBD
South Acton Recreation Ground., Bollo Bridge Road (Caulfield Rd entrance), London W3 8FH

About the Event

Dong Sticks (Also known as Qigong Sticks, Gong Stocks or Chinese Wand) is a really enjoyable body-mind stretching practice. The 16 Mindful Movements are supported by a Bamboo cane for stability and fluidity. 

Stretching with support of a Bamboo stick gives  a  fantastic feeling - we urge you to try this at least once. Our demo class takes place in the beautiful nature of South Park in South Acton,  enhancing your vitality and wellbeing.

This 16 mindful motions from Qigong & Tai Chi are named to reflect peaceful moments in nature, such as “Looking back at the Sun” or “Rowing to the Shore”. This enhances the calming effects.

More Info for participants: Arrive a few minutes before 3pm to start. Wear any comfortable clothes and we'll provide the bamboo cane. We would appreciate small donation, if you can, for the Qi Gong teacher Drew Sinclair who will guide you through the movements.

Physical benefits: These low-impact, low-to-moderate intensity mind-body movements have numerous physical, emotional and mental benefits, regardless of your current fitness level. Regular practice can improve:

• Balance and fall prevention

• Blood glucose levels

• Blood circulation

• Bone strength

• Cardiac function

• Flexibility, even in arthritic joints

• Immune function

• Metabolic syndrome

• Muscle strength

• Pain from some chronic conditions

• Posture

• Respiration (breathing)

• Better sleep

• Improved mood

• Increased physical energy

• More complete rest

• More clarity and focus

• Reduced depression, stress and anxiety

This gentle stretch is suitable for all body types including the arthtritic, overweight, unfit as well as the most atheltic people. You d not need any special clothes - just wear comfortable that allows you to move freely. (However, we'd suggest this is as ood a time as any to dress like a Ninja)

If you would like to practice the 16 movements in advance, you can watch this video before joining us  otherwise, just turn up ...we will have a bamboo stick available for you.

Drew Sinclair, an experienced Qi Gong teacher, artist and musician, is kindly offering this demonstration class  on a pay-what you wish Donation basis.  We suggest £3-£5 or whatever you can manage.

Register your interest and we will let you knw when the next weekly sessions will commence.

All welcomed.

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