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Hi, I'm Vibha, born and raised in London by my Indian parents.

After completing a degree in psychology and working in the field for a few years I travelled for a few more, training in Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand and back in England too. This was also when I decided to move to the sea and am still congratulating myself 22 years on!


I continued training in Head Massage, Reflexology, and Holistic Massage. ​

In order to support my relationship with my growing teenagers, I decided to train as a teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation after a 30 year on/off relationship with meditation.


I believe our body, the vehicle for 'Me', for 'I', experiences; often we forget this or expect that some feelings are reflected in the body, and assume that others are not.


Working directly on the physical body is one way to connect with the body in the present moment and with what may be deeply stored. In connection, we feel our self alive. 


Mindfulness offers us a route,

which we have the choice to access whenever we want.


Digital support: Yardo can provide a limited number of laptops and/or broadband to people who could not otherwise be able to participate in our programmes.

Please share the GoFundMe link to support this aspect of our work.

More info: https://gofund.me/f0aec6cd

Partnerships: We are happy to work with your community group to tailor a YARDO programme to suit your needs.

e: paula@yardo.co.uk



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Partnerships & Digital

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Paula Watson, Counsellor

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